Why Thesis Statement Is So important

Everything in your body paragraphs comes from the thesis statement which is why it’s so important to have a good strong thesis statement right so how do you write a good thesis statement the thesis statement presents your main idea as we said it’s your opinion ok but what so ah the thesis statement presents your main opinion your main idea right which brings me to my next tip tip number two this might actually might be tip number three a lost count I’m an English teacher not a math teacher yeah so make sure your position is clear in other words get off the fence all right you can’t be in the middle for an opinion based essay okay don’t be like maybe this maybe that in your thesis statement.

You have to take a position you have to make it clear you got to get off the fence the Internet is so full of pictures of squirrels on fences it’s endless yeah it’s a wonderful place to find pictures of squirrels on fences if you’re looking for them okay so get off the fence pick one side or the other even if it’s 6040 you’ve got to choose a side okay because it’s depended the whole essay depends on your opinion all right so the thesis statement here’s a thesis statement cellphones should not be permitted in the classroom okay cell phones should not be permitted in the classroom this as a thesis statement is it’s fine it’s fine because the opinion is clear right if this is my opinion if this is my thesis statement you know what what side of the fence I’m on I’m saying they should not be allowed in the classroom which I actually don’t I don’t agree with this but as an example okay but it can get better than this right yeah.

You must be in or out exactly do or do not yeah all right so this can get better a strong thesis statement presents three main points of your argument the three main points of your argument now again if you only have time for two that’s fine I say three because three is just the magic number okay that’s all good things come in threes so if you have three good reasons to use to support your opinion you should include those three ideas in your thesis statement okay now don’t give up too much information but the points these three points are going to be the main focus of your body paragraphs okay so these are the reasons that you will develop and explain in the body and of course going back to the mistake of the week at the beginning of class these points have to be grammatically parallel so the three points in the sentence have to be the same grammar structure okay the magic number so just to make it clear because I know I’m talking a lot I know I’m saying a lot here let me show you another example cell phones can cause disruption create distractions and enable cheating therefore they should not be permitted in the classroom.