Preciseness In Your Words

Small itemization or bullet point lists you don’t want to have 20 of them in your paper but you may have one for the key elements that it sticks out and when you skim it you can easily see what’s going on words you can completely ignore in this whole spot about academic writing check for example does say a lot of words like now next or things like very quiet pretty our approach is quite good once atoms are not seemly food seemly should go away it’s nothing in academic writing either it is better and then we show that through experimental evaluation but these are words which we which you which people typically use in regular language love spoken language but which should completely be abundant from academic writing. Read more articles and hints for academic writing onĀ Edusson.

Be precise and eliminate any doubt either you can make the statement then you should make it should make it very bold or you cannot make the statement because it’s not backed up by your approach you experiment then you should dramatically avoid that the code is something that people do so there’s no MATLAB Java C++ C code in papers if you want to use code what typically use is kind of sort of code so you see sometimes sort of code in the lecture so for example this is a copy from one of the connected components algorithm you can do that one thing the key thing that is so essential that you want to be so precise how this is done to give someone the chance to replicate the results even if the person reads that paper ten years later and Java is gone for example doesn’t exist anymore or your favorite programming language so it should be abstracted from the programming language you can eat misstatements in there like whatever fine unlabeled foreground neighbors something which is very witches would be more difficult to write down algorithmically.

But was very clear for the reader what’s going on so you if you want to do that you can use solder code but also don’t use it that often you don’t want to have five plotter code algorithms in your paper maybe use it once for describing the core method comments about implementation that something you often do not find in regular papers but that’s something which you should put or can put into a technical report into a circle vascular system paper when you describe a system it’s fine to comment on the implementation with the goal to simplify the life for others that want to replicate your results there should be the only motivation for that you can talk about your implementation about certain details how you have done stuff the important thing is to separate that from the core method so even if this implementation system or this programming language is dead after ten years which is not that unlikely or not in use anymore your technical approach is still complete well eight people made in 10 years skip.