Your office is covered in germs

You may not realize it, but your office is one giant collection of germs. Let’s face it, not everyone has the best hygiene. Think of the guy you just saw in the bathroom who didn’t wash his hands. He opens the door by touching the doorknob….spreads germs. Then he goes into the kitchen to grab a plastic fork for lunch..spreads more germs. While he’s there, he opens the fridge to grab his food…a few more germs find a home.

This is a completely common scenario, and basically spreads germs everywhere you could imagine. You don’t have to actually have a disease/cold/flu or whatever to be spreading this stuff all over your workplace. So many people just aren’t in the habit of washing their hands regularly, they can’t help but act as a subway system for those microscopic commuters.

So what can be done to combat your coworkers lack of cleanliness, and prevent you from accidentally spreading whatever germs you’ve come in contact with?

Wash your hands

An oldie but a goodie. I can’t stress this one enough. It almost too simple to ignore. If you walk outside for lunch, and come back inside, you’ve probably touched a few doors and elevator buttons. Guess what? That totally dirty smelly guy in your office probably touched the same exact things. So whatever his hands came in contact with, yours just did too! Do everyone a favor, and just head straight to a sink and wash your hands with some soap. Just running them through water for 2 seconds doesn’t cut it.

Careful what you touch

Pay some attention to what your hands come into contact with, and where you put them. Even your own stuff probably has a good deal of germs on it. That bag you put on the floor of the subway, then put on your desk? There’s probably trace amounts of fecal matter on it AND your desk now. You tap your fingers on the desk, then do some work. Now your computer, and probably your whole cube could have a little something extra on them.

Clean it up

You sit at your cube for at least 40 hours a week. It’s basically inevitable that everything in your area could do with a little cleaning. Why not spend a few bucks on some anti-bacterial wipes, or some spray, and give it all a good once over? You’ll not only be helping yourself out, but possibly preventing the accidental spread of your own germs to your cube neighbors.

Get creative with your appendages

You’ve got a lot more than just hands…so might as well make use of it all. You see that nasty toilet handle? You know it’s not clean, so use your foot to press the handle down. That gross door on the way into your building? Use a closed fist to push it open. It’s the little things like this that might actually save you from a cold or two throughout the year.

The point is that you never know what you’re touching, or what else has been in contact with it, so be careful. Wash those hands, or get some hand sanitizer gel. Think before you stuff that finger in your eye. Keeping it clean is keeping it healthy. Most importantly, don’t touch the ice!