How To Reference Sources

If we get something from the library we’re never gonna put retrieved from we’re never going to put this link and in you know in week one I’ll I definitely discuss this in a little more detail and provides you guys an example of how and why to reference things the way they are so make sure you follow that now that being said this is how I create papers and what you see here as far as markings on your paper is pretty much what you’re going to get back on your papers from me you’re going to get a PDF file back from me that’s going to actually have markings on it it’s also going to have text boxes where if I wrote something out that’s a little more in-depth I’ll use a text box it’s also going to have audio comments.

So on the first page it’s going to have one two three depends on what I had to say sixty second audio comments commentary I’m going to talk about specific things give me a specific ideas of what was good what was bad so on so forth and then on your first page you’ll also have your grade so that’s actually how you’ll get your papers back from me I do recommend that if you don’t have Adobe PDF Reader you download it it’s free the university requires it so I would go ahead and download that and have it I know that if you use some PDF readers don’t open the annotations inside PDF documents so you need to make sure that you have one that’ll open all those annotations and the to repeatable so writing guidelines within the university are unique and the reason they’re unique is because University of Phoenix uses a kind of a long term learning process it’s called progressive learning so who chooses progressive learning and it really is a self-taught method to learn writing we have to utilize the resources that are available you and the cwe the workshops so on and so forth.

But the big thing that most students don’t understand about this progressive system is as you move forward in courses the expectations for your writing are going to drastically increase every course yeah you know your courses in your first year sequence your second year courses they may not have pointed out some of the APA things or some of the writing things that I’m going to point out they’re not supposed to well they’re supposed to point them out they’re supposed to give you a little bit more of a break on your grade than you would in this course so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you you know kind of how I do sorry some of the resources out there for you to to look at so essentially I’ve logged in and I’m gonna go to the library maybe turn my pen off sorry and there we go just wanted to reload sorry so I’m gonna go into the library and I’m gonna go to the Center for writing excellence.