3 More Skills That Will Pay For Your Retirement


Employers love illustrations, for the same reasons they love quality photography. But while photographers are limited by what they can capture through their lens, the creative possibilities open to a freelance illustrator are virtually infinite. Conventional uses of this versatility include cutout drawings, which isn’t possible through photography.

Thanks to flexibility of an illustrator’s medium, he can come up with practically any kind of visual composition to suit his client’s needs. And clients who know how to harness this ability will be willing to pay good money for output. Illustrators who can adapt to current styles and creatively accomplish their clients’ requirements will find themselves in high demand.

Particularly illustrators who are proficient in both traditional and digital mediums.

Search Engine Optimization

A favorite way to locate information online is through search engines. Even if Google loses its dominance, there will still be a need for freelancers who have a knack of helping employers gain visibility through search engines. SEO ethics aside (I personally think that SEO experts should only work for people who really have something to offer online), many company’s fortunes—including b5media—depend on how much traffic search engines can refer.

Freelancers who have a proven track record of influencing the results of popular search phrases (I’m sure a lot of people are searching for “Lauren Caitlin Upton” right now) will attract the attention of employers with deep pockets. These people understand that SEO is a crucial requirement for a business looking to maximize its reach online, and consider good SEO experts worth their weight in gold.

Web Application Programmer

Everyone has an idea that will make them the next Google, YouTube, etc. But not everyone knows how to tell a computer what to do. That’s why the demand for the services of computer programmers grew as the computer became more popular. Now, as everyone jumps on the Internet bandwagon, the demand for web application programmers will also grow.

Any freelancer who can expertly turn an idea into a living, breathing web-based application can command a good price for his output. Online entrepreneurs, many of whom are backed up by venture capital, know that only serious money will make up for the long hours a freelance web application programmer spends coding, debugging, and maintaining his creations.

Why I Spend Money on a Personal Trainer

Ive tried keeping myself fit, but with my busy schedule, I simply cant give my personal fitness the attention it deserves.

Thats why Ive hired someone to do that for me. Where I live, a gym membership is very affordable. But thats not the case with a personal trainer. Yet I still believe its well worth the expense.

The benefits of personal fitness for a freelancer are quite obvious. Being fit minimizes the effects of stress and creates the energy people need to unlock their creative potential. The only problem is finding the concentration needed to make regular exercise effective. Thats where my personal trainer comes in.

My personal trainer is responsible for keeping my workouts varied and entertaining. He also helps me keep track of my progress and focus on my exercise regimen. On top of that, he always provides the little push I need to bear the rigors of a workout.

For these reasons, I think the expense pays for itself. All I have to do is follow what he says. Thats why over the last few months, Ive lost 20 pounds and had more energy for the work day, achievements that might have been out of reach if I didnt rely on a personal trainer.