3 Skills That Will Pay For Your Retirement

Any freelancer or contract worker should always work towards a desired future. This dream can be as noble as affecting genuine social change, or as basic as financial independence.

In the latter case, it helps to know the right skills. Here are three proficiencies I think will continue to enjoy a high demand from clients over the next few years. A freelance or contract worker who proves competent this fields will be able to maximize their time and effort, earning good money in relatively less time, leading to more investment opportunities and ultimately financial independence.


No matter how much communication technologies advance, writing will continue to be relevant. So long as they’re available online, written words can be read by customers on their own time, and let proprietors maintain constant awareness of their products and services with minimum effort.

Of particular interest is sales copywriting. People will always have something to sell, and those who know what new media and ecommerce are all about will pay good money for writers who can craft compelling messages that stand out in and drive conversions in an increasingly competitive landscape.


Designers tackle the unique challenge of solving problems visually. More specifically, through the correct arrangement and combination of visual elements. Good designers account for the various reactions of different kinds of audiences, while keeping their output consistent and easy-to-understand.

Web designers in particular will enjoy a high demand for their services. As more people become aware of the sales and marketing advantages of the Internet, they’ll scramble for competent web designers who turn visions into application.


As more employers feel the need to create content on a regular basis, to stay relevant to their target market and leave a more welcoming impression, there’s no doubt they’ll find the services of good writers and designers invaluable. Nor will they ignore what photographers have to offer.

That’s because the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” continues to be true. With the right picture, a publisher’s content can take on a completely new dimension, conveying a point in an extremely effective manner. And a picture can also stand by itself, making an impact without the help of other elements.

Whatever the case, there is a need for quality photographers. Freelance photographers may want to look into stock photography websites. They represent a potential income stream: the site sells the photos while the photographers just picks up the checks.